Virtual Hike Rules

Virtual hikes are a powerful motivation tool to stimulate consistent performance. It's not just for walkers -- it's for anyone who wants to be successful!

A virtual hike is what the hiker wants to make of it. Although I'm walking miles, a virtual hiker may  track any activity. All the person has to do is convert the activity to miles walked. I would assume 16 minutes of activity for each mile..

For instance, a writer might assume 3.5 miles for each 1,000 words written. They can use their own writing speed to make their conversion. A car sales rep might give themselves credit for completing a segment for every three sales. A student might track study time.

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The virtual hiker will have to buy this book. It's the only place to find the entire plan. If a person wants to keep their hike private, they can highlight each leg as they complete it.

If the hiker wants recognition for their efforts, they can share completing each segment right from most reading devices.

If you would like to make a blog about your virtual hike, let me know and I can list the link here. If you do this, I can create pictures when you complete each segment. Eventually I'll make a file so people can download the pictures without contacting me. There are 132 of them, so it will take some time.
If it fits the theme of your blog, you can include a picture like this as a postage stamp on your blog. 

Use your imagination. A virtual hike can be a powerful motivation tool.

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