Monday, May 7, 2012

Squirrel Creek Trail - Miles 720.0 to 728.7

Miles: 8.75 (2 days)
Q to R (Points include a couple of short days before)

The Squirrel Creek trail starts in Pueblo Mountain Park. It turned into a history lesson along the way. First this old sign at the trail head. The trail was not marked at all except with a VERY infrequent "I" blaze in the trees. 

A lot of times we quickly take these pictures on a high point and then move on. We've decided not to include those pictures unless we actually sit there awhile. 

This bird just looked like it was having fun gliding around.

This is where the history lesson began. We were planning to have lunch here and go on. But the Squirrel Creek had water in it this time. It was a short distance to the left of the picture. This shelter is the Carhart design and one of the first shelters made in the country. The fireplace is original, but the wooden part washed away in a flood. It was rebuilt in the 80's. It's hard to believe, but a road used to run here. There are old pictures of cars parked here.

We decided to spend the night.

The fireplace was made in 1927. (An optical illusion can make it look like 1937.)

This was supposed to be the brightest full moon of the year. It looked almost like a sunrise. Mares tails. Yes, it did rain late in the afternoon.

Fun moving the camera while taking a picture of the moon,

The fireplace was great. After the fire was going a couple hours, the stones got warm and it was very toasty.

Going on the next day, we crossed this stream many times. The trail went back and forth across it. After awhile, we just started walking through the water. It was easier and quicker.

There were old campsites all along the 4 miles or so of the trail. It was the nations first campground. The trail is on the National Historical Record. So don't take anything. There are big fines for that.

We must have taken a wrong turn because this is where the trail ended.

I went over this on the way home. 

There were a few of these and more holes.

Each campsite had a fire pit. Several families were supposed to camp around each one.

Virtual Hike End of Day Picture

TransAmerica Virtual Hike

Due to a bad couple of weeks, I lost some places. Down to 9th in the top 20. Worse, I lost a lot of miles. I'll have to see if I can catch up gradually. Maybe toss in a big day this weekend if I have the time. It was real tempting to say screw this program as it was down for a week. But I like the motivation from other participants.

Name Distance
BernieS 992.6 mi
JohnZ 984.7 mi
AshleyA 971.5 mi
AnnF 948.9 mi
PatM 924.4 mi
JohnA 897.2 mi
DanaA 888.6 mi
johnd 886.0 mi
GaryT 881.6 mi
LT 859.8 mi
StaciR 858.8 mi
MarilynrH 839.0 mi
SusanP 836.4 mi
sarah w 835.1 mi
SHIRLEYE 832.9 mi
RebeccaJ 825.7 mi
JoyJ 816.3 mi
DavidG 811.5 mi
RamonaH 803.7 mi
LoreneE 796.7 mi

Friday, May 4, 2012

Miles 710.0 to 717.0

Miles Today: 7.07
Map Way Points: P to Q
Google Map

Today's theme is flowers. I saw the rose on the way to the mall.

The rest of the pictures were in the prairie on the way to the college. In the past, I never paid much attention to the prairie. Now I know it's a beautiful place that changes with the seasons. People go to the mountains to see flowers, but there are just as many beautiful flowers just a few blocks away.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Miles 705.6 to 710

 Miles Today: 4.44
 Map Way Points: O to P
Google Map 

Combined 2 short days into one post.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Miles 695.6 to 705.6 (Angel of Shavano backpacking trip)

Miles today: 10.0 (This includes Saturday and Sunday.)
Map Way Points: N to O
Google Map

This weekend, Krister and I took an overnight trip to Angel of Shavano Campground. We hiked the southern 5 miles of Segment 14 of the Colorado Trail to get there.

When we started out Saturday morning, it was VERY windy and about 35 degrees. We first had to climb about 1/2 mile up an exposed ridge. That was quite interesting. Once we were over the top of the ridge, the winds were blocked and it wasn't too bad.

There was LOTS of Elk scat on the second half of the trail. We did see a small herd of elk near Cree Creek, but weren't able to get a picture.

A lot of trees blew down this year. I heard they had a major windstorm in the area. All the trees were cleared from the trail. 

This is something you can't do with an internal frame pack.

Relaxing by the fire.

I took a video to see how quickly I could light a carefully prepared fire.

Virtual Hike End of Day Picture

 The TransAmerica Virtual Hike site seems to be down. I hope it hasn't been deleted.