Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Miles 695.6 to 705.6 (Angel of Shavano backpacking trip)

Miles today: 10.0 (This includes Saturday and Sunday.)
Map Way Points: N to O
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This weekend, Krister and I took an overnight trip to Angel of Shavano Campground. We hiked the southern 5 miles of Segment 14 of the Colorado Trail to get there.

When we started out Saturday morning, it was VERY windy and about 35 degrees. We first had to climb about 1/2 mile up an exposed ridge. That was quite interesting. Once we were over the top of the ridge, the winds were blocked and it wasn't too bad.

There was LOTS of Elk scat on the second half of the trail. We did see a small herd of elk near Cree Creek, but weren't able to get a picture.

A lot of trees blew down this year. I heard they had a major windstorm in the area. All the trees were cleared from the trail. 

This is something you can't do with an internal frame pack.

Relaxing by the fire.

I took a video to see how quickly I could light a carefully prepared fire.

Virtual Hike End of Day Picture

 The TransAmerica Virtual Hike site seems to be down. I hope it hasn't been deleted.

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