I'm reading this book on Kindle: Appalachian Trials: A Psychological and Emotional Guide To Thru-Hike the Appalachian Trail (Volume 1). So far it is pretty good. In it, the author suggests we need to make a list of reasons to hike the trail. After a couple of months, people tend to get fed up with the difficulties of the trail. This is a virtual hike, so I don't have a lot of the difficulties of trail life, but I expect there will come times when my interest wanes. So here is my list.

1. I like to walk.
2. I'm a numbers person and I like to track things.
3. It keeps me in shape for backpacking.
4. It gives a reason to go out in all kinds of weather.
5. I meet a lot of people along the way.
6. It gives me a reason to visit different parts of town.
7. It gives me a reason to take pictures.
8. Blogging each day gives me something to do besides aimlessly surf the internet.
9. It gives me time to think. I am more creative when walking.
10 The blog gives me places to save pictures.
11. The pictures from Google Street view give me a general idea of what different parts of the country look like.
12. It keeps my mind off worries that really are not that important.
13. It gives me a break from important concerns so I can come back to them with a fresh outlook.
14. As I invest more into logging the hike, it makes it harder to quit walking.
15. I have some nice boots to wear out.
16. It gives me a reason to take walking breaks during the day.
17. I get to try out my backpacking clothes in bad weather.
18. I notice the passing seasons more.
19. It gives me something to do while I put off doing more important things.
20. When I hike in the woods, it will give me a place to save the trail maps, descriptions of the trails and pictures.