Monday, March 26, 2012


I'm not so good at this blogging thing. I'd rather have a website where I can topically move pages around and put them were I want. But hey, this site is free and it is easy to make posts.

2 or 3 years ago, I got the idea to ride my Yamaha Majesty 400 through the 48 states in 10 days. I had the route all planned, but life and money got in the way, so I did not do it. This fall, I got the idea to convert it into a walking route in 10 months. A year is more realistic. So, I converted the scooter route to a walking route.

The idea is to step foot in the lower 48 states, walking the whole way. It took me a long time, but I finally found a route under 7,000 miles that appears doable, except for Nevada. Nevada presents some water challenges, but I think they can be overcome with one of those fancy baby running things to carry water just for that portion.

Well, if I couldn't afford 10 days on a scooter, I certainly can't afford a year on foot. It's not as out of reach as I think. I just need to really simplify my life to make it happen. Plus I'm a little afraid of law enforcement and stealth camping along the way. The only big city I go through is Atlanta and I think I can do that in one or 2 days, so it's probably doable.

I've been working at it since October and I'm about 460 miles into it. Not exactly burning up the pavement. But I've learned a few things about consistency and I am getting in better shape.

There have been some motivators along the way. The American Discovery Trail for one. It would be fun, but has some very difficult challenges in Utah and Nevada. Besides, people have done it before. Then there is the Appalacian Trail. Maybe some day, but I don't care for the "white blaze" attitude which I have a bad case of. To me, it's not a thru-hike without virtually touching every white blaze. But I know realistically, things come up and parts have to be skipped. Hurricanes, etc.

Then I ran across a great website for a virtual hike on the Transamerica Bicycle trail.

This is the best website I could find for virtual hikes. It has a real map and pictures. Still, it is not the 48 states.

My plan is to eventually put up the map for te 48 states as I hike it. I'll play catchup for the first 50 some days or about 438 miles. Then I'll add the rest as I walk it.

My intent is not to keep the route a secret. If anyone is intending to hike the 48 states, I can send the route in Streets and Trips format. I'd post it here, but I think there are copyright restictions and you know how Microsoft is.

The links to the route are on each page. Click on the link. If you want to see pictures, select print. It will go to another page. Wait a few seconds and select street view.

In order to motivate myself, I've kind of committed to 7 miles a day. At this rate it will take about 3 years to walk the trail. I'll add each stopping point to the map as I walk to it. Since google only holds 25 points, I can't get the whole trail in one map. I wish I could.

Well, let's see what happens. I'll blog each day as if it's a trail journal. Many will be short as they are repetitive. I'll include pictures if I see something interesting.

See you down the trail,


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