Friday, June 6, 2014

Back after a break - The 48 State Virtual Hike Challenge

It's hard to believe I took a two year break from this blog. I got caught up in writing eBooks for Amazon. Only one of them is related to backpacking, and only loosely.

Well, let's start over and get right to the meat.

The 48 state virtual hike challenge is what you want to make of it. In other words, break any of the following rules you like as they are suggestions. It's your hike to hike in your own way. These are my rules.

1. Plan a route that touches all 48 states.
2. Hiking on interstates is illegal, so avoid them.
3. Take a picture each day on your virtual hike.
4. Save the Google Street View each day on your hike.
5. Plot your position on a map.
6. Make the route one a person could actually walk.
7. The route should start and end in the same place.
8. Track your mileage with a Fitbit Zip or other Fitbit pedometer. Any other pedometer that interacts with a website will do. All steps taken during the day count.

I started over in Walsenburg, CO. I decided it would be more practical to walk westbound first instead of eastbound. This makes it possible to make it through Arizona and Nevada before it gets too hot. I didn't decide to restart this blog until over 1,000 miles into it, so I'll pick up the trek from there. Since it's a circular route, I can go around it as many times as I like.

Notice I added the Fitbit "requirement."  Here is my Fitbit page.

Date: 6/5/14
Mileage: 1015
Automated Street View

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