Saturday, July 26, 2014

7/26/14: 1313.5 to 1330.7: Pushcart. Tailor for God

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I'm getting behind on posting again, so I combined two legs.

Animated Street View: 1313.5 to 1322.7
Animated Street View: 1322.7 to 1330.7

Jul 25

I've started noticing many one shot bottles along the side of the road. Sometimes there are pints. 

Sunrise is a special time to walk. The air is usually cool and still. The skies are beautiful.

Jul 26

I asked Nate Damm what type of pushcart he used on his walk across America. Here is a picture of it. They cost about $175 new. Maybe I can find a used one somewhere.

Today as I was on my walk, I got the thought, "Who is your Jesus."  I'm not Christian, but given that this is supposedly a Christian country, I used Jesus. A person can substitute whatever name they want for whatever they worship. 

Christians ask me if I believe in Jesus. I'm Jewish, so the answer is confusing. I respond by asking, "What does it mean to believe in Jesus?" Not a single Christian has been able to give me the answer. I've asked the same thing about the Gods of other faiths, and I have never gotten an answer. 

So, mentally, I ask, "Do you believe in your toilet?" Blasphemy, some would say. But a person shows their belief by doing what they are told. A person has faith in the toilet to take the crap out of their life and they show it everyday. Once I wrote an article called, "Faith in your toilet." 

What does this have to do with Jesus, God, whatever it is that is, or whatever a person worships or follows?

A person shows their belief by their actions. If a person says they believe in Jesus, then their actions show me the Jesus they believe in. The same with any other name for God. In fact, one could argue that the actions of a Christian define Jesus. The same is true of any other faith. The actions define the term they use for the higher power.

I don't have any answers. The questions are rhetorical. Well, I do have some answers.

In Judaism, it talks about making garments for God. It is not on the physical level as Jewish people cannot describe what God is. Garments are physical manifestations of God. When a Jewish person does a mitzvah (a commandment, usually defined as a good deed) they are clothing God in a sense. They are "dressing" the God they believe in. Well, I'm not a tailor and my tastes in clothes aren't all that good. However, the thought of being a tailor for God is a bit scary.

The next leg on the virtual hike is the last one in Nevada. 

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