Wednesday, August 20, 2014

8/20/14: 1536.7 to 1546.4. New Shoes

I never knew Oregon had so much desert. There is as much desert along the route as there was in Nevada. This portion will be replanned so services are available. Riley, OR is a small gas station and a Sport Archery place behind it. Not much hope for buying any good food there. They may not have much more than candy bars and chips. 

Yesterday I bought a pair of New Balance "All Terrain" shoes. My feet are wide (EEE), so there are limited brands I can choose from. Even the different styles of New Balance shoes fit differently. I finally had to go up to a size 12 to get the width I wanted. Next time I buy shoes, I'll test them on a hard surface before buying them. These have an annoying hump just forward of the ball of the foot. I didn't feel it walking on the carpet in the store. It's not serious, but I'd prefer not to have it. They were only $44.95. In time, I'll know how long they will last. 

Those who have been following the blog know I prefer Danner Combat boots. The reason I'm testing shoes is they are more convenient for those trips outside the tent during the night. I'm not giving up on the boots yet as they are still the most comfortable footwear I have. 

I miss having the sun come up early. I completed my walk this morning before sunrise. I guess for now, I'll have to take pictures of what I'll call "dark sunrises." 

This is darker than it looks in the picture. I'll have to mount a holder for the camera on the pushbar for Wilson. That way it will stay still during the long exposure time.

This is a failed attempt to get a picture of the moon's reflection in a puddle. So instead of the moon, I'll call it a UFO.

Today, I realized there hasn't been a single day of rain on the virtual hike. The temperatures have been mild enough for walking throughout the hike. Except for the first two weeks, it looks like the weather favors a March 15th start. 

It's time to start increasing my daily goals. I can add an extra half-mile in the morning. Maybe, I can add a short walk of a couple miles at lunch time. Then I can pay more attention to getting steps during the day. I'd like to get up to averaging 12 miles a day. The goal is to stimulate the next cycle of minor injuries and then take some time off to recover. So far, it has been my right knee and my feet that felt the miles. These are completely healed and stronger than they were before. 

The next physical challenge seems to be fatigue at the end of the day that makes me want to go to bed early. I'll approach this boundary carefully as it could lead to illness. I'd like to avoid that. I want to push my body a little so it adapts, but not so much it commands me to stop.

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