Tuesday, September 23, 2014

9/23/14: 1807.6 miles to 1814.7 miles -- 28 day challenge.

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Virtual Hike

The road on this section of the virtual hike may difficult to walk on as there is a gravel shoulder. Fortunately, there isn't much traffic. It will be slower, but not unsafe. 

More signs of fall
I completed my 5.1 mile walk this morning in 76 minutes, which is a record time for me. This is the first time I maintained 4 miles an hour for a long distance.

My walking speed is naturally increasing as I walk more miles. I'm not making any special effort to make it increase.

28 Day Challenge
I modified the lunar training cycle so the maximum mile days are 50% higher than the minimum mile days. I also modified the program to generate a chart.The new program is here. If you want to use it, you can download it to your computer.

This is the chart for the last 28 days. I was not following a plan for these days. I had fewer miles the first half of the cycle because I was painting my house. I decided to start on Thursday, which one of the first days of the Jewish year. (There are about 5 New Years in Judaism.)

My goal is to make the gray bars for the next cycle as close as I can to the black bars.

Peaking for a long day
The best day in the cycle to take an extra long walk is the first day of the cycle. There will be two weeks of tapering before and two weeks of rebuilding after. On the first day of each cycle, I'll try to match the high miles for the cycle without stopping. This will start in four weeks after I complete the first cycle.

The long walk is an optional part of the training program. If a walker was planning for a marathon, they would adjust the cycle so they walked the marathon on the first day of the training cycle.

No wrong way!

There is no wrong way for a walker to train as long as they put in the miles. I didn't care what the sign tried to tell me this morning. I went that way anyway.

Sometimes I like a plan to give structure and other times I don't like structure.

I want to see what happens if I follow the lunar cycle for three cycles. Perhaps I'll become a lunatic.

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