Saturday, October 11, 2014

My Secret to Prolific Blogging: 10/11/14 - 1966.5 to 1975.5 Miles

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Virtual Hike
This leg starts segment 31: Segment 31 Map

The route continues to follow the Clearwater River. The shoulder looks soft, so it may be harder pushing Wilson. Since there is water along the route, the push cart won't be heavy. Plan on extra time for these miles.

The segment ends near Kamiah, Idaho. Kamiah was the winter home of the Nez Perce Native Americans.

My System

I generally follow a standardized method each day so I can write quickly and stay organized.

start with a 5.1 mile walk in the morning. I call these Creativity walks. While on this walk, I discover the topic, develop the topic, and take pictures to support the topic.

First I find a central idea.

Then I find three supporting points to support the idea.

The idea must point to the supporting points and the supporting points must point to the central idea.

take pictures to illustrate the supporting points.

I write a magnetic title that draws the reader into my personal space.

The title must tell the truth! This means everything in the post must refer to the title. 

brainstorm titles until I get it right.

Write Magnetically!
3 Essential items of a blog post
My Secret to prolific writing
My Secret to Prolific Blogging!

Copyright Gary Thaller © 10/11/2014

Blogs are like comic strips. I tell with words and show with pictures.

I normally use pictures I take on my walk while planning the blog post.

1. Creativity walk
2. Central idea
3. Supporting points
4. My own pictures
5. Summary
6. No loitering by adding too much information.


Yesterday's hike was easy. After walking 5.1 miles this morning, my son suggested we go on a 5 mile hike in the mountains. I'll describe that in tomorrow's post, but here is a hint:

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  1. Great point to find a system that fits within your life and be consistent. - I must do better on consistency and not let life get in the way