Friday, October 17, 2014

Reality Hike 101: Is a Reality Hike Possible?

The simple answer is Yes!
Has it been done before? Not that I know of.

If you are curious about my research so far, please click on the cover to the left. If you have Kindle Unlimited, the book is free.

PS: You will get to meet my coach, too!

The Facts about the Hike

·         8,750 miles
·         Starts and ends in Pueblo, Colorado
·         Touches all 48 contiguous states
·         No skipping around on the route
·         Complete in one year
·         Self-supported

What makes me the Expert?

I’m glad you asked, because you may not like the answer. I’m not an expert! However, I am a few years ahead on the planning than someone getting started. At first, the idea started as a curiosity. Then it became a virtual hike.

Recently, I decided the 48 state reality hike is SIMPLE. Don’t be fooled, because simple does not mean easy – at least not at first. If it ever gets to the point of reality for me, I am determined it will also be easy!

People will say “Easy is impossible!” I disagree. The difference between easy and difficult is extreme preparation, and I’m here to help with the extreme preparation.


I am an expert at dividing a large tasks into simple and easy steps. If each step is simple and easy, then the large task is simple and easy. I have solved all the planning issues. I’m not going to give them to you with a fire hose.

Nor will I give you an overview as it would be overwhelming. Instead, I will start with the preparation that takes the most time and continue to a list of preparations that take less time.


I’ll say right up front, my way is not the only way. Others have taken successful walks across the United States with an impulse and a hangover. What makes the 48 state hike different is the time constraint. It is near the edge of impossible without proper preparation and planning.

I will also say that my plans are not finalized. There may be better ways to prepare and I may be missing something. But, I don’t think I’m missing anything important.

Join “Have to” with “Can”

Initially, I wanted to complete this hike for various reasons. I know this is not enough. “Wanting to” will not carry a person through a long journey because “wanting to” has a habit of changing to “don’t want to.”

Somewhere along the way, my want to’s changed to “have to!” without a rational explanation for other people. When a person “has to” then they can’t be stopped. The only thing left to do is join the “have to” with “can.” That’s where preparation starts.

Starting the Preparation Journey

Accept I’ve done the research! That is a tough thing for me to ask, as I hate it when people say, “Do it my way and it will work!” I’m not asking you to do it my way. What I’m saying is my way will work, and if you choose to do it another way, it will also work.

I’ll give you my sources and experiences along the way, but I can’t give them all at once.

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