Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Reality Hike 104: Cyclical Walking Plan Overview: 10/21/14 -2063 to 2070.7 Miles

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The route continues along Route 12 and the Lochsa River in eastern Idaho. The area is heavily wooded.

The Lochsa Lodge is near the end of the day. They have rustic cabins for $65 and rooms starting at $95. there is also a restaurant specializing in steak, seafood and hamburgers.

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The plan will ask the walker to walk many miles before the 48 state hike. It starts easy for the first 28 days and gets longer each cycle. The numbers are somewhat shocking, but they are doable.

This training cycle will continue through the actual hike, and the miles will get longer each 28 days during the hike. They seem reasonable based on my studies of people who have completed long hikes.

Total training miles

The total miles walked during training for a novice walker will be 11,125.5 miles. The walker will complete 32 twenty-eight day cycles before beginning the hike. This will take 128 weeks. Are you shocked yet? I was when I examined the plan. If a walker has already been walking regularly, they may be able to reduce this number to about 104 weeks or two years. Keep in mind, the hike needs to start in March or April, so plan accordingly.

Continue increasing miles during 48 State Hike

It would take another four cycles to start averaging 24 miles a day. This is the minimum requirement to complete the walk. If a walker has time, it would be easier to complete the four cycles. However, I’m assuming people will continue to get in better shape during the 48 state hike. Therefore, the Cyclical Walking Schedule will continue to increase miles during every 28 day cycle during the hike.


Remember I said this will be simple, but not easy? If a person follows the Cyclical Walking Plan, they should never experience significant fatigue. The hard part will be finding time to walk the miles during training. (I’ll have a solution for that later.) Many walkers will take less time to get in shape.

I’ll reveal the complete plan in the next post.

Yesterday I completed the first time through the cycle. I walked 8.2 miles yesterday instead of the 3.5 miles scheduled. That's because I didn't want to give up my morning walk. I'll likely continue this habit through the next cycle and use the bonus miles another day if I need them.

I walked 260.7 miles during the last 28 days. I planned for 251.3 miles. I averaged 9.3 miles a day and the plan was for 9.0 miles. 

During the next 28 days, I'll increase the distance a half mile or more each day. This shouldn't be difficult, because on the average was 0.3 miles over each day last month. 


  1. It's late. Confirm please Gershon. You are ACTUALLY going to walk this many miles and you're making a 2 year commitment?

    I'm trying to take this in!!

  2. Sarah,

    I am actually walking the miles I say I am in the chart at the bottom.

    I'll take the preparation for the trip as far as possible. I get Social Security starting in June, so I'll have more time to walk. I'll see where it ends up.

    This is the point in my goal setting where I try to forget about the goal and focus on the daily actions. There are many things I would have to do along the way to make the trip possible.

    This is not a clear yes or no because I don't know yet.