Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Dangerous Myth that Opportunity Knocks: 10/7/14 - 1931 to 1940.1 miles

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Virtual Hike

The route continues to follow route 12 along the Clearwater River.  

As I notice the signs of fall coming, I realize the miles I walk when it's easy will be miles I won't have to walk when it's hard.

Life is like this. The words I write when there are no interruptions are words I won't have to squeeze in between interruptions. 

Keep your head up - there might be a bicycle coming!
It was 90 minutes before sunrise and I was walking along the shoulder of a dark road. Coach Safety said, "Keep your head up. There might be a bicycle coming." I kept my head up and pondered how a bicycle rider with their head down in thought could easily run into a walker with their head down in thought.

Then a bicycle DID come. He didn't have a head lamp and he was racing along the shoulder of the road. He must have gotten the same warning as he'd already moved to the road.

Did our minds connect through the high pitched mind waves? Were we warned by the Infinite? Or did we just notice something different that caused us to keep our head up. I don't know, but we listened to that still voice within and acted.

I spent about a half hour walking thinking of the verse from the Bible: 1 Kg 19:12. "But after the earthquake a fire, and after the fire a still small voice."  I also thought of a contrasting verse from the Bible: Job 40:6 "Then the Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind, and said,"

Sometimes opportunity comes as a still voice, and other times opportunity comes as a whirlwind of troubles.

What about Opportunity?

As I was walking along the bicycle trail through the prairie I saw the full moon setting over the lights from the city.

I already had several pictures for this walk and I wondered why I needed another. My inner photographer said to take it, so I did.

Five minutes later the moon was gone completely. That's when I realized the dangerous myth that opportunity knocks.

Sometimes opportunity comes as a small inner voice. Sometimes opportunity comes as a whirlwind of troubles. Most often, opportunity comes as quietly as a full moon setting. It can leave just as quickly.

As I wrote this, I thought it would be another month before this opportunity came again. No, I thought. Next month the moon will set further north and it will set earlier. Besides, I won't be at the same point on my walk. It will be another year before this picture opportunity comes. Five minutes out of about 525,600 minutes in the year. 

Each minute of our lives has its own opportunities. They don't knock anymore than the moon knocks. They don't knock anymore than a falling leaf knocks. They don't knock anymore than the rising sun knocks. We must look to see the opportunities and act one minute at a time to be successful.

Naturally, yesterday's walk was easy as I didn't take one. I still walked 3.6 miles of random steps during the day. I could feel my body resting and repairing in preparation for today's walk. I don't know how my 5.1 mile walk went this morning as I was completely lost in thought the whole time. It must have been good because nothing is tired.

The Inner Cycles of Autumn
The past few days I've been noticing the inner cycles of autumn. 
  • The time of the first leaves changing
  • The time of the first leaves falling
  • The time of the leaves gathering in the gutters
  • The time of the first frost
  • And more to come
Our work also has inner cycles. Outlining, writing, editing. Each of these cycles has cycles. The more I study them, the more I understand.

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