Monday, November 17, 2014

Why you Need a Virtual Hiking Coach! 2306.8 to 2337.8 Miles; 11/17/14

A virtual hiking coach can help you reach your goals sooner while reducing the chances of pain, injuries and excessive fatigue. To find out how, click through on the link.

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The route continues along route 12 in central Montana and then leaves route 12 taking a shortcut to save 8 miles. Now I consider this a planning mistake because of the distance between water stops. (See Segment Map.)

If the walker doesn't mind 100 miles between water stops, then they can walk the route as planned.
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However, if they would prefer about 50 miles between water, they can take the northern route on 12 and there is water in White Sulfur Springs at the top of the straight northern section of 12.

Why you need a Virtual Hiking Coach!

Making Alien Snow Circles


Many people feel they do not need a coach for virtual hiking and I felt the same way. Lately, I discovered a coach who is helping me stay motivated,  avoid common injuries, increase my virtual hiking distance. 

What should a walker expect from a coach? How can a walker find a coach? How much money (that nasty word) does a coach cost? 

What to expect?

Many walkers will want a virtual hiking training plan. Meanwhile, coaching virtual hikers is like coaching a cat. They may purr when getting the plan, but they will do what they want. The perfect cat trap is a box and the coach should help the walker define their own box.

The coach and the walker frequently exchange ideas about how to construct a training plan. The walker should design their own "walking box" by combining the coach's and their own ideas.

Who should be your coach?

First of all, the coach should have thousands of miles of virtual hiking experience. Secondly, they should be a writer. Only someone who has kept mileage log and who has written about their experience frequently can remember what it was like to start. The coach should have a demonstrated ability to walk many miles without injury or fatigue.

A walker's coach should have knowledge of many training methods -- the type of knowledge that comes from DOING. The coach should have selected the best training methods for virtual hiking. The coach should also update their training method as they learn new information.

The coach should encourage the walker, but at the same time be indifferent if the walker doesn't choose to follow their training advice. After all, walkers listen like cats!

Who should you select?

Why me of course! Let's review my qualifications.

I have over 3,200 miles of virtual hiking experience. (I started another virtual hike before this one.) I walk without injury or fatigue. I wrote about virtual hiking on this blog since the start. I provide more information almost daily. 

When I coach, I give the walker concepts. These concepts help the walker design their own program.

Oh, I have a world famous runner with about 50 years of running experience as my coach.

What's the cost?

That's the best part! I only cost $2.99. That's it! and you will have me forever. 

My book, "Roadwalking: Conversations with my Coach" should guide you through about 2,000 miles of walking. It works the same for beginners to walking marathons. Click the link and hire me as your coach today!

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