Friday, March 30, 2012

Miles 480.3 to 487.3

Total Miles: 480.3
Miles Today: 7.00
Map waypoints: G to H

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I snagged another state today. Alabama. Next it is off to touch Florida.

Last night I started to sleep outside on the hammock. I also tried a different sleeping bag which lays on top of the hammock. I find that very inconvenient as it's hard to get all the way into the hammock. I prefer to slide the sleeping bag over the hammock like a sock. Then it's easy to pull on and off. Back to the Alpine 20 sleeping bag next time.

In this book Appalachian Trials: A Psychological and Emotional Guide To Thru-Hike the Appalachian Trail (Volume 1) it says to make a list of how you would feel if you quit the trail. This is a more difficult list for me as I'm the type that just moves on to the next thing. I guess that's one of the was I would feel, but that's not going to help me complete the 48 states.

One thing that draws me away from this virtual hike is another more interesting virtual hike. That's what happened with the TransAmerica trail which I log each day. It's kind of cheating doing two at once, but I like the motivation from other walkers on the TransAmerica trail. The 48 state thing started because a friend was thinking of actually doing it. Then he decided he doesn't like hiking on the roads. I don't think I'd attempt it for real without a support system so I didn't have to stealth camp.

Well, on to the reasons:
1. I'd always wonder if I could/should have completed it.
2. The empty states would show everytime I refer to this blog.
3. I'd have to start a new blog as this one wouldn't make sense.

Not too many good reasons. Right now, I'm just looking ahead to Florida as the next intermediate goal. My short term goal is always "Get 7 miles today." The weather is good and should be good for a long time now. I'll have to be careful to watch it so I don't get derailed by an evening hailstorm or something.

Energy Deficit Syndrom (EDS)

This is a term I coined. It describes long term fatigue from trying to do too many miles daily. This is why I'm currently limiting my miles to about 7 miles a day. It's like a bathtub with the drain open and water running in. As long as the water doesn't drain faster than it runs in, there will be no drop in the level. But if I don't walk the equivalent of the water that runs in, I'm not using my full potential.

It's normal to feel a little stiffness in the morning. As long as it disappears quickly when I start walking in the morning, it's not a problem. However, if something hurts all day it means it can become a chronic problem. The only thing that can cure that is a long rest.

For a hike of 3 or 4 days, it's fine to push through a bit of discomfort. But for an "eternal" hike of 7,000 miles, I feel it is critical not to experience EDS.

Realistically, time doesn't allow me to go much more than 7 miles a day. However, I can do a little more on the weekends. For an actual long hike, there is nothing to do but hike. I'd be careful not to let my enthusiasm push me into EDS.

End of the day

See you down the trail,


TransAmerica Trail Virtual Hike

Today I added some more partners. They will show up on the map tomorrow. Gradually, I'll add as many as the program allows. That increases the odds of having someone being near me most of the time. This will add to my motivation.

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