Sunday, April 1, 2012

Miles 495.3 to 502.4

Total Miles: 502.4
Today: 7.05
7 Mile Streak: 9 days
Map waypoints: I to J
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Picture of the day

Today Krister and I went to see "The Hunger Games" It was pretty good. Better if you read the book first.

Boot Review

I like boots for hiking. One pair I have is the Danner Mountain Lights.

These boots take a long time to break in. I have 60 miles on mine and they still are not completely broken in. But they are very comfortable. They mold to the feet after awhile which reduces te chances of blisters. The soles grip well on rocks. They are good for uneven trails.

Yesterday we had to cross a stream where the water was a couple inches deep on the stepping stones. It was nice not to get my feet wet like I would have with hiking shoes.

Good boots are expensive. But new soles are $100. So, "new" pairs are the same as a good hiking shoe.

Socks are an important part of foot comfort. I prefer Smartwool socks. They wick moisture away frm the feet. They also give important extra padding. 

A lot of people say that a pound on the foot equals 6 pounds in the pack. The test that showed this was done with just a few volunteers on a treadmill at a steep incline. This is not very realistic. For me, it is a balance between comfort and weight. Not all boots and shoes are the same. What is good for a 2 day hike may not be good for a 5 day hike. I just hate to see people reject boots because the current style is trailrunners. I'd also hate for them to reject trailrunners if the style was boots.

Gorilla Tape Patches

I put a single layer of Gorilla Tape over a place where the heel on my Bear Claw shoes wore through to the midsole. It looks like a single thickness will last at least 10 miles. I'll update the distance later.

End of Day Picture

TransAmerica Trail Virtual Hike

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