Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Miles 673.4 to 681.0 First Swallows

Miles Today: 7.66
Map Way Points: J to K
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I saw the first swallows today behind Loaf and Jug.

The other day, I mentioned getting used to walking in the hot weather. Yesterday, on the way to Vitamin Cottage, I really started enjoying it. I can't really explain why except the warm sensations were comfortable.

Just past Target, I saw a lot of Killdeer's. They were doing the classic leading me away from their nests. The thing they did not do is feign a broken wing. I decided to take a short video because their calls were very loud. The traffic noises are somewhat loud, but they seem to disappear when I walk and I selectively choose what I want to hear.

On my short walk after dark, I remembered how nice the cool evenings are after walking in the hot afternoon. It's fun experiencing all the different times of day and different weather.

I did a lot of thinking today about my saying "90% of fatigue happens after 80% effort." It seems to be a good theory. One problem with backpacking is overdoing it. For one or two days, it doesn't much matter. But for a longer trip, fatigue is cumulative and can lead to injury. I personally like to avoid most of it and leave it fun.

Virtual Hike End of the Day Picture

I like staying at the old motels on back roads. Many of the old roads are what Route 66 is trying to be.

TransAmerica Virtual Hike

I've moved to 4th place. If I just keep doing my 7 miles a day, I'll either catch those ahead or I won't. We are spread out across half of Kentucky. I really wish this site had a forum for the partners. It would be interesting to read their blogs if they have one.

Name Distance
BernieS 885.5 mi
LarryB 882.2 mi
Carol H.W 877.9 mi
GaryT 833.8 mi
AshleyA 826.2 mi
JohnZ 825.8 mi
RebeccaJ 825.7 mi
AnnF 821.7 mi
JohnA 821.2 mi
PatM 805.8 mi
johnd 804.6 mi
DanaA 797.0 mi
LamontA 779.7 mi
LT 776.7 mi
sarah w 775.8 mi
RamonaH 775.6 mi
MarilynrH 765.6 mi
SHIRLEYE 760.9 mi
StaciR 757.4 mi
SusanP 755.8 mi

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