Sunday, April 22, 2012

Miles 666.4 to 673.4

Miles Today: 7.00
Map Way Points: I to J
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It's sunny and mid 60's although it feels warmer. It's a little different walking in the warmer weather. I prefer the cold weather. I'll have to work on getting most of the miles done in the morning before it gets hot.

It's Earth Day today, so the stores were giving away free reusable bags. I wish they would do away with those plastic bags I see blowing all over the place. The reusable ones don't rip and they hold more. They are a lot more convenient.

I saw this bicycle outside of Target. The old metal baskets are a lot more convenient than fabric panniers. Cheaper, too.

In the evening, the clouds were pretty threatening by the Spanish Peaks. We never got any rain.

Virtual Hike End of Day Picture

TransAmerica Virtual Hike

Four of us are with 1/2 mile of each other.

Name Distance
Carol H.W 877.9 mi
BernieS 877.4 mi
LarryB 866.9 mi
AshleyA 826.2 mi
GaryT 826.1 mi
JohnZ 825.8 mi
RebeccaJ 825.7 mi
JohnA 813.0 mi
PatM 805.8 mi
johnd 804.6 mi
AnnF 801.1 mi
DanaA 790.5 mi
LamontA 779.7 mi
sarah w 775.8 mi
RamonaH 775.6 mi
LT 772.4 mi
MarilynrH 763.8 mi
StaciR 757.4 mi
SusanP 753.8 mi
SHIRLEYE 752.4 mi

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