Sunday, April 22, 2012

Miles 657.7 to 666.4

 Miles Today: 8.72
 Map Way Points: H to I
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Today was more of a thinking day while walking. What I started to think about was quick sayings for the trail. Mostly to keep from overdoing it. I came up with four:

1. 90% of fatigue happens after 80% effort.
2. If it hurts you are doing it wrong.
3. Hiking fast won't last.
4. Rest before you are tired.

I've read a lot of journals and books on long trails. A lot of people seem to get overuse injuries. A lot of these could be prevented by not pushing so hard. It's not worth getting an injury that forces a day off just to get a few extra miles.

There was a small concert outdoors at the University. It was really loud music of some sort I don't recognize. I would have gone closer, but it was really too loud and it looked like you had to pay. I enjoyed seeing people do it though.

The bicycle trail along the Fountain Creek was really nice today. Everything is getting greener.

Virtual Hike End of Day Picture

TransAmerica Trail Virtual Hike

Name Distance
LarryB 855.1 mi
BernieS 846.7 mi
Carol H.W 845.5 mi
AshleyA 826.2 mi
RebeccaJ 825.7 mi
GaryT 819.1 mi
JohnZ 817.7 mi
PatM 805.8 mi
JohnA 803.4 mi
AnnF 784.8 mi
DanaA 784.0 mi
LamontA 779.7 mi
johnd 778.8 mi
RamonaH 775.6 mi
sarah w 762.8 mi
LT 757.7 mi
StaciR 757.4 mi
SHIRLEYE 752.4 mi
MarilynrH 751.5 mi
SusanP 749.8 mi

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