Saturday, April 21, 2012

You can't beat the trail

The other day on a forum, I made a post for a new hiker planning a difficult trip with a couple people. Buried in the advice, I said "Don't try to beat the trail." Another person on the board thought it was very good advice.

On another forum, a librarian was looking for a book that was requested about things to ponder on the trail.

Putting the two together, I came up with the saying "You can't beat the trail." Depending on how it's taken it can have two meanings.
1. You can't conquer the trail.
2. There is nothing better than the trail.

As I was walking today, I was expanding on these  ideas and came back with a whole lot of things to write. As I started writing, I realized that would take away the fun for me when I came back to it. So, I'm just leaving it as a pondering for the trail.

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