Monday, June 9, 2014

1033 Mace Trail - Trangia video. 6/8/14

Miles: 1.0
Total: 1033
Animated Street View

Krister an I hiked the Mace Trail today at  the Pueblo Mountain Park. Unfortunately, I left the Fitbit home, so I didn't count the miles. 

Recently, I started using the Trangia mini alcohol stove. It is simpler than the SVEA 123 and a little lighter. Here is a video.

Yesterday I experimented with taking a picture at every bend in the trail to create a virtual trail. It's probably only interesting to the person taking the video. I think making short videos along the way is more fun and gives better documentation.

We continued along the Mace trail and had coffee at Lookout Point, which is a place cattle rustlers used to watch for the law coming. We continued along the Mace trail to the trail that went to Burch Camp, which is an old Boy Scout camp that was washed away in a flood in the 1940's. It started to threaten rain, but never started to rain. It caught up with us about 15 minutes after we drove home when we had strong thunderstorms. There were some reports of tornados in the area, but none too near us.

I may add the video later.

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