Tuesday, June 10, 2014

1039 6/9/14 Fox and dead snake

Total Miles: 1039
Animated streetview

I took my 5 mile walk starting about 4:00 am. It was about 50 degrees and a bit windy - a perfect day for the walk.

I saw a fox cross the road near the end of Jerry Murphy road. It walked into a small wooded area where I've seen a dead fox in the past. I got out my camera to take a picture. It was dark, but the infrared light from the camera made its eyes shine read like something in a horror movie. The fox was unsure of the light, moved a bit, and sat to look at me again. It seemed as curious as I was. Here is a picture, although it doesn't show anything. You may be able to see the faint outline of the fox. Mostly the picture is for the memory.

I also saw a squashed snake on the road heading into the University. It is about 2 feet long. I can't tell what kind of snake it is, but it doesn't appear to be a rattlesnake. It's surprising how much wildlife is in the city.

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