Wednesday, July 9, 2014

1198.4 TO 1208.4 miles: Accessible Nature

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I was reading Planetwalker's book yesterday and noticed he used the term accessible nature. There are often pockets of nature to explore in cities. It's not the same as being in the wilderness, but it is possible to get away from the worst traffic noise. Some days I go for accessible nature and others I play in the traffic. 

These miles span two days, so I'll start with yesterday's contemplation. I enjoy plays on words, and I used to enjoy them with my mother when I was young. One of the walks yesterday was only down to the corner store -- eight-tenths of a mile round trip. I decided not to use the click track and to walk slowly. On the way back, I started feeling more tired than I normally would. Usually quick walks are invigorating. As I thought this, I wondered what the opposite of invigorating is. Is it out-vigorating, non-vigorating. Or should I choose another word.

I got inspiration from this little guy who is dragging ass. The other lizard ran off and must have been invigorated. This one dragged-ass while waiting for me to take a picture. Later I took my four mile walk, which included hot miles on the four-lane road and I walked at an invigorating pace. Afterwards, I felt refreshed. 

This isn't a surprise as the most efficient pace is about 3.5 mph. Anything more or less will make the walker more tired. I started thinking about athletic coaches yelling at their players to quit dragging ass. Perhaps, they should explain to players that dragging ass makes the player more tired. Screw that. I don't feel like doing anything where I can't drag ass when I want to drag ass. If a lizard can do it, why shouldn't I be able to. Other days, I might haul ass, and on some days, I might decide to be an ass. Do you think the sun is getting to me?

After a heavy rain last night, the desert colors were beautiful. This is a bit of accessible nature. The four lane road is out by the trees.

I found this road a few minutes from where my son works. I walked down it while he worked. I slipped on one of those muddy spots and almost fell on my ass.

Off to the east is what appears to be virgin desert. Someday, I'll have to explore out there to see if there is any evidence of people frequenting the area. It's a good place to experience desert without the danger of being stuck in the desert.I suppose there could be rattlesnakes, but I've neither seen nor heard one. 

I found this toy graveyard on a crossroad. The toys appear to be from the 50's and 60's. Isn't that rocking horse cute?

This house looks like it was built around 1930. It's odd the trees are on the north side. Usually people planted all around the house to get shade. Maybe some trees were cut down. There is a fence with barbed wire on top around the house. The door is a piece of plywood. The roof probably leaks. But the mailbox looks new and in good repair. If nobody lives there, it might be one of those hidden gems to rent. The downside is there are no grocery stores close enough to walk to.

Lunch is an almond butter sandwich, rice and vegetables.

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