Tuesday, July 8, 2014

7/8/14: 1118.3 TO 1198.4 miles - Completed Segment 19

7/8/14: 1188.4 TO 1198.4 miles

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The desert is starting to take on a new look. Now it appears there will be places along the way to ask for water. Some of them are businesses and others are clusters of houses. Usually, someone is outside, and people in areas like that don't mind helping. I read in one book on walking across America that it's better to ask at houses with a couple cars in the driveway. The theory is that people who like to be left alone only have one car. In my meanderings, I've usually found someone is outside and they don't mind being asked for a little water. 

People like to see their names on blogs when they do some kindness. Be sure to write them down and give a mention, especially if mentioning a blog. Heck, mention kindnesses even on a virtual hike. 

Today, I started reading Planetwalker. He gave up the car for 22 years and gave up talking for 17 years. I'm not the type to do either of these for that long, but it's fun to think about. 

This blog may take a turn to the contemplative or it may stay in the physical. I don't know. I do know there is a limited source of material if the person walks in the same general area each day.

I first started walking in Nov 1977. I was in the Air Force at Plattsburgh AFB, NY. I lived about 5 miles from the base. In order to avoid sending my money to OPEC, I started walking each day. I did this through the winter, and as many know, winters in Plattsburgh are cold. I didn't do it everyday, but I did walk often. This time started in 2012 during the Occupy Movement. The walking wasn't part of the movement, but I feel protesting is silly if people don't do anything themselves. Since then, I've been buying about one tank of gas a month. I'm not expecting sainthood or anything like that. It's what I do and others can do what they like.

Today, I completed segment 19. Now I'll be turning north. I wish the route went west to Reno, which is tantalizingly close, but then there is no easy way north to Oregon. So, northward I go.

Segment 19

I'm feeling like I want to simulate more parts of the hike, especially since the weather here is favorable. I think I'll cook my oatmeal on the alcohol stove in the morning. I'd like to do it on the front porch so I could watch the neighborhood wake up, but there are ants right where I'd sit. They need a place to walk, too. I wouldn't think of spraying them to get rid of them. Maybe some aliens would see that and come to spray us. It would be fair karma. 

I think one day a week, I'll cook at the gazebo in the greenbelt. Maybe I'll cut my morning walk a little short so I can do that. Maybe it would be easier to bring a sandwich. I wouldn't want to get arrested for appearing to be homeless. Maybe I'd want it, but it would be an unnecessary complication in my life. 

Time to sign off for my lunch. Rice and mixed vegetables today. Not good road food because good rice takes too long to cook. That's one problem I'd like to resolve. 

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