Monday, July 7, 2014

7/7/14: 1178.4 to 1188.4 miles. Fallon, Nev

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Yesterday's route ended near Fallon, NV. About half of this leg is in Fallon or in the outskirts of Fallon. The old towns are becoming homogenized and all the towns across the country are starting to look the same. The isolated towns like Fallon are the place to look for what life used to be like.

Here is a video of what Maine St. used to look like in the early 1900's. I decided the other day to add a YouTube video on each town. At least in the west where towns are further apart. It would be interesting to have audios to listen to as a person drove through them. For a virtual hike, a person could listen to the videos as they walked. This video is meant for grade school, but the information is excellent.

There is a series with about 9 videos, but I could only find two of them.

Fallon is marks the end of the virtual journey on Hwy 50. The route continues on alt-50. It also marks the beginning of the transition to walking north west instead of north. There is the hope of cooler temperatures ahead, and maybe a change of scenery. Virtually, I've enjoyed the desert. In reality, I'd rather enjoy it between March and May. 

Back to actual walking.

I started walking at 5 am and it was already 71 degrees. It was pleasant for walking, but I knew the heat would be coming in a couple hours. 

There were many rabbits in the prairie today. I felt bad the flash went off when I took this picture, but it made the rabbit's eye shine like a scary movie. I wonder where they get their water when it doean't rain? I guess it is from eating vegetation.

Much of the beauty of the desert is in the sky, especially the morning sky. 

Now it's time to get some steps cutting the grass. It's only 7 am, but I want to cut the grass and water before it gets hot.

Trivia: It takes 1,100 steps or about half-mile of walking to cut the front lawn. The half-mile is exaggerated as the steps are shorter while pushing a lawn mower. Since I'm reseeding half of the front lawn, it will take about a mile of walking to cut the entire area. 

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