Friday, July 11, 2014

7/11/14 Found $20! -- 1218.4 to 1228.4 miles

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The miles for this entry started yesterday. I wrote this part while waiting for a friend at a Chinese restaurant.

People waste so many resources on what they think is beautiful. Not what IS beautiful, but what they THINK is beautiful.

This bank is a perfect example. Others see a neatly designed landscape. I see weed free grass kept that way by deadly chemicals. I see crushed rock probably taken from a pristine area. I see grass that needs an inch of water a day to survive. I see non-native trees that need water. Meanwhile, farmers can only plant half their fields because they can't get enough water.

Would would be wrong with "Natural Strips." Cut whatever grows. After a time, grass starts to dominate. If they want trees, why not plant Chinese elm which doesn't need water. It's a wonderful shade tree that doesn't form large branches. What if they planted fruit trees instead? No chemicals please. They need water, but they return fruit. I'd rather walk in the prairie a short distance away.

Get over it people! We live in a desert! 

This morning, it was already 71 degrees when I started walking around 5:30. After thinking for awhile, I decided to take the bicycle trail towards the University. Lucky i did, as I found two neatly folded ten dollar bills on the bicycle trail. This is the second time I found $20 in my meanderings. 

I re-shot the picture one of my cats deleted yesterday. It is of the northern part of Pueblo. It's only a couple miles away. It doesn't seem like much nestled between many miles of open prairie.

Clouds were already starting to form over Pikes Peak. Usually, this leads to afternoon thunderstorms in that area. Those storms tend to avoid Pueblo, but maybe we will get lucky.

Yesterday, I learned the Greyhound bus goes east on Hwy 50 to Fowler and Rocky Ford. Fowler is about 36 miles away and Rocky Ford about 54 miles. The bus leaves Pueblo at 2:30 AM.  When I'm ready, I may take it to Rocky Ford and walk back in a day. I'll want to wait for cooler weather. Perhaps I'll drive the route first to see what's there. 

If I ever get to the point where this hike might become a reality, I think I'd start with a practice hike following HW 50 across Colorado. 

Enough dreaming. It's time to cut the grass.

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