Sunday, July 6, 2014

7/5/14: 1158.3 TO 1168.4 miles

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This weekend was a backpacking weekend. We went to the Picnic Pavilion at the Pueblo Mountain Park. It is one of the oldest areas to camp in the USFS system There used to be a road there, but now all signs  of the road are gone. The way to get there is to hike. The pavilion is like a large shelter on the Appalachian Trail. The difference is, we always have it to ourselves when we go there.

It was hotter than we expected. It started out in the mid-80's. It probably hit the low 90's, and then cooled as the sun went down. It was a perfect day for sleeping under the stars and I did so on a soft bed of pine needles. The sky was clear and filled with stars. I slept from about 8pm to 6am. I can't remember the last time I slept that long.

Krister's sharp eye spotted some wild strawberries and we each had a few of them. They are small, but tastier than store bought.

I found this old horseshoe hanging in a fallen tree. The area was developed in 1928, and there are many old things there. Most of them are from the 60's and later.

I was playing around with a different method of starting a fire. I put tinder on the bottom and stuck kindling vertically in the ground around it. The fire followed the kindling up and soon I had a platform fire above the tinder. It lit, but I don't think I'll use that method again.

This short video shows why a person needs to be careful around an alcohol stove. The flames coming up the side would be invisible in the sun. 

The weather along the route of the virtual hike was cooler in the morning, although the high for the day was a little higher. July is later than the planned time for a real-hiker.

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