Saturday, July 5, 2014


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Except or minor changes, "The 48 State Virtual Hike" is complete. It's time to return to logging the daily walks.

I started on a short walk this morning. It was 64 degrees and that perfect morning weather just before sunrise. I stopped in Loaf an Jug and scared a couple gang member looking types as I walked around the corner. He said, "You scared me bro!" Funny how a 61 year old harmless guy can scare someone like that. It wasn't a scary situation or anything.

I felt like walking more, so I walked on 47 towards the University. I wanted to feel more what it is like to walk on the shoulder of a four lane road. There wasn't much traffic and it was enjoyable.

It's the fourth of July and I didn't see a single person walking, not even around the University. It seems like everyone's walking enthusiasm is waning as the summer progresses.

Now I'm having a bowl of slow cooked steel-cut oatmeal. Afterwards, I'll go till the side of the front lawn and plant grass.

We've had lots of rain lately, and the prairie is greener than usual.

After four miles, I was sorry to be home so soon.

Temp near Fallon is 59 degrees, so it's a good day to walk there, too.

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