Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sample Segment - 48 State Virtual Hike

This is the first segment of the 48 State Virtual Hike.

Current Weather (and forecast) gives the weather for the segment for an extended forecast.

Clicking on the leg gives an animated street view of the leg.

WX gives a radar and satellite picture as well as weather station temperatures. The location is for the beginning of the leg.

Links open in the same page. Use the return arrow to come back.

Segment 1:  0 to 63.2 miles
Length of Segment:  63.2 miles
Total miles:  63.2
Segment Map
 Current Weather (and forecast)
Click leg for street view
leg 1:  0 to 9.3 miles WX
leg 2:  9.3 miles to 17.8 miles WX
leg 3:  17.8 miles to 24.1 miles WX
leg 4:  24.1 miles to 34 miles WX
leg 5: 34 to 35.8 miles WX
leg 6: 35.8 to 45.8 miles WX
leg 7: 45.8 to 54.8 miles WX
leg 8: 54.8 to 63.2 miles WX

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