Friday, August 1, 2014

8/1/14: 1378 to 1389.9 miles - Historical weather

The animated street view takes a different route than planned, so the pictures stop about halfway through. 

Target Date assuming Mar 15 start and 23.1 miles a day: May 1

Weather Map: Note - to get the weather on the target date,  click on the calendar on the bottom and select the date manually.

I skipped a couple days of posting, so there are some legs missing. 

The Schwinn Little Ranger pushcart is working perfectly. I'm still walking faster with the cart than I do without the cart. As I'm contemplating using the cart for some long trips, I see the need to know how long parts of the cart will last. The most critical components are the tires. I thought about using a bicycle odometer, but the wheels on the cart aren't compatible with mounting the magnet and the sensor. Finally, I decided on wearing a cheap pedometer while I push the cart. It only goes up to 100 miles, but I can keep track of how many times it turns over. It's accurate enough for my needs. Problem solved. 

This morning while I was walking, I was thinking about the historical weather for the route. The route is planned to start in Pueblo, Co on March 15 and to end in Pueblo, Co on Mar 14. Going west is a problem for the first couple hundred miles, as that's the time of year there can be severe weather. A good seven to ten day forecast will determine the actual starting date.

I added the target date and the link to the weather map at the top of the post. Select the target date manually by clicking the calendar at the bottom of the map.

I think I'll add a 52 week calendar to the book so people can see the weather and target location once a week over the course of a year. I'll also add a page on the blog. 

University housing

See you down the road,


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