Sunday, August 3, 2014

8/2/14: 1389.9 to 1400 miles: Found pouch for pushbar

Yesterday  morning, my son Krister and I took a walk in the desert. Everything is green because recently it has been raining most days. It hardly looks like a desert anymore.

In 20 years, it will likely be hard to find above ground wires and poles. I remember thinking the old windmills would never disappear from the landscape. Although there are mackerel skies, we didn't have rain later in the day.

I've been thinking I'd like a pouch to hold my Kindle Fire. I found this one on the shoulder of the road. Now it will be easy to listen to books while I walk. I can slip the GPS into one of the zipped pockets.This will solve the problem of measuring distances while I walk around town. The batteries only last about four hours, so it's not a solution for a long trip. Maybe solar panel technology will catch up to my needs. Someday, I'd like to make a holder for the GPS so it is easy to see while I walk. That shouldn't be too hard to do. 

I'm going to start checking the thrift stores for a used GPS.

Only 6.5 miles left in California! 

Walking on the "long roads," as I just now started calling the roads between towns, is fun. The miles click by. When I pass an overpass and look back after 10 minutes, it seems so far away. The pushcart makes it easier as I don't have to worry about sore shoulders from carrying a pack.

The only weak point I seen in the pushcart now is the nosewheel. The nosewheel is 8 inches in diameter which means it turns about once every two feet or 2,640 rotations per mile. That will be over 22 million times in the whole trip. Unfortunately, I don't think any wheel this size is meant to last more than a few hundred miles. I'll keep my eyes open. So far, the front wheels on wheel chairs seem to be the same size. Meanwhile, I'll keep the tire covered with Gorilla tape to see how many miles I can get out of it. 

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