Monday, August 4, 2014

8/4/14: 1400 to 1418.9 miles. Pictures of Push cart (Wilson)

This post includes 2 legs.
Animated Street View: 1400 to 1411 miles
Animated Street View: 1411 miles to 1418.9 miles

Entered Oregon!

Even though there are about 7,400 miles to go, I'm starting to feel like the hike is too close to finished. As each state turns red, that's one less state to go, and when the map is full and I return to Pueblo, the hike will be over. It will probably take almost two years, but it will end, and then what? One hike I'd never finish is visiting all the counties in the country. The shortest distance for just Texas is about 8,600 miles. Still, it's something to think about. 

This morning  I started working on a gear list. I'll update that page when I get to it. The trick will be bringing what I need and not one thing more or less. 

This morning, I started out a little tired. Nothing was hurting so I prodded myself to walk. The fatigue left in the first few minutes and I was enjoying the walk. I think the hardest part is getting started in the morning and the way to overcome it is to get started. 

Just now, I got the idea of color coding the overall map by months. I'll include that as a separate page with a link to the weather for the United States. That will help me get a sense of the weather for each part. I'm still not sure of the departure date. If I leave to early, the weather may be bad in Colorado, but it will be cooler in the desert. If I leave too late, the weather will be good in Colorado, but too hot in the desert. On the other end, if I leave too late, I'll be in the northeast when the bad weather arrives. I'd like to be south of New Hampshire by Nov 1. No matter how I look at it, parts of the trek will be hot and parts will be cold. It's possible I'd move faster on the northern part of the route due to the extended daylight hours, but I want to take that as a bonus rather than as part of the plan.

Wilson goes to the University

I put a sign on the front of Wilson so people get an idea of why I'm walking. I mark each segment as I complete it.

I took this selfie in a window reflection. I couldn't have stood more at attention if I tried to. 

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