Tuesday, August 5, 2014

8/5/14: 1429.6 to 1436.8 Water problem solved! Calendar, Services

Yesterday I was beginning to think I'd never solve the water issue for the desert. Finally, I examined what seems to be the worst section - Hwy 50 through Nevada. I used Streets and Trips to find all the services along the section and found the longest distance between water sources is only 70 miles. If I carry 3 gallons a day, that would only be 72 pounds of water. I'd carry some things in a small pack to lesson the strain on the push cart.

If I leave late on the first day and arrive early on the third day, I probably wouldn't need three gallons of water a day. 

Today, I started to make a calendar page. The purpose is to set mileage goals for each day of the year and to watch the weather during the year. I'll add a link to the weather map to each date. That may take a week or two to complete. Unfortunately, I can't find a way to easily obtain historical weather for each date. Well, I just thought of one, but it will take a long time. I can get the historical wunderground map for each date and location and then create a video. I'll have to think about this one more. It may turn out to be a better presentation than the calendar.Perhaps a side by side presentation would work well enough.

Streets and Trips is the best program I've found for finding services. Eventually, I'll make a booklet for each segment. Due to Microsoft's copyright restrictions, I won't be able to publish them here.

Comfort Item
As I was working on the gear list, I realized I'll need something to wash my clothes in. When I go backpacking, I bring a large coffee can if I'm washing clothes. This works well if wearing hiking pants or shorts, but does not work well if wearing heavier pants like cargo pants. Besides, I would like to be able to wash more then one item at a time. 

When I was at Home Depot buying paint, I realized a Home Depot bucket would work well both as a clothes washer and as a seat. I'll have to buy one to see how long it lasts as a seat.

Food - The next problem to solve
Eating for a few days on the trail is easy. Toss a few things in the pack and go hiking. The long term effects of eating poorly for a year might be serious.

Morning Walk
This morning a semi was stopped on the side of the road and out of fuel. There was a station about 3/4 of a mile away and we could have gone there for fuel. The driver said he didn't have a Jerry can. Usually you can buy those at the station. I offered to walk with him to the station so we could carry the fuel in the pushcart. It turned out he was a local driver and he was calling someone for help.

Sunrise is coming later each morning. Soon, I'll be doing much of my morning walks while it is still dark. 

Today, peaked at 134 steps per minute for one 5 minute period. I'm almost always in the high 120's. I'm not trying to increase my speed, but it keeps happening naturally. 

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