Friday, September 26, 2014

9/26/14: 1831.3 to 1838.5 miles: Conversations with my Coach

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Virtual Hike

Segment 29 cuts the Southeast corner of Washington State. It's only 67.9 miles long.

I walked a different route than usual this morning as I added 0.4 miles to my habitual walk. The picture is of a fountain taken through a waterfall. 

I wasn't done walking until after sunrise. The signs of fall are everywhere. 

While I was walking, I listened to the audio recording of the final draft of my new book, "Road Walking: Conversations with my Coach."  It should be ready to publish next week.

This blog addresses the physical aspects of walking and the mental aspects are in the book.

What's a hike without food? Yesterday, I made this Sloppy Joe from Anne's vegetarian chile, some onions and greens. It was an excellent snack. To make a meal, I'd add some homemade potato salad. This would be an easy meal to make on the road if I didn't mind the weight of the canned food. One advantage to using a pushcart is a little extra weight doesn't matter much.

28 Day Challenge
This morning, I was still a little tired from yesterday. The walks are easy enough, but the 3.5 miles in additional steps are difficult. They have more training effect than I anticipated.

I enjoyed a slow walk and stopped to take notes several times. These will turn into chapters in the new book I'm starting today. The book will record the results of training using the lunar cycle.

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  1. I like your bar chart, it's simple and effective communication of progress.That's my inner project manager talking.