Monday, September 29, 2014

9/29/14: 1856.1 to 1864.8 miles: Completed six days of lunar cycle

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The shoulder is a little narrow on this section of the route. The centerline is grooved which makes it hard on walkers. For some reason, people don't like to cross a grooved centerline to give a walker more room.

The route passes through Pomeroy, Washington.

Lewis and Clark passed through here in 1805.

What do walkers eat?

I'm vegan for both ethical and health reasons. I've found a vegan diet gives more energy and reduces recovery times.

We made some vegan nachos with refried beans and fresh vegetables.

After a difficult day , I thought this walk was going to be difficult. I felt fresh the entire day. The only reason it wasn't a green bar day is my pace was not near 4 mph. It was a creative day, and I took many notes for building another blog.

Given that this week was somewhat tiring, I'm concerned about the next two weeks in the cycle.  The walks are easy. The 3.5 pedometer miles during the day are more tiring than I anticipated. Yesterday, I focused on getting them early in the day, and that worked well.

I'm going to enjoy my rest day.

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