Sunday, September 28, 2014

9/28/14: 1846.2 to 1856.1 miles - Creative Deluge

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Virtual Hike

Walking was difficult yesterday. My leg muscles were tired most of the day and I considered reducing the miles. The intentional walk of 5.9 miles was easy. 

The additional 3.5 miles of steps around the house were hard.  The Fitbit Pedometer measures exercise intensity based on steps per minute. It took 123 minutes to walk 7.9 miles. One mile of this was cutting the grass, so it was slower. 

It took 197 minutes to get the other 1.5 miles of steps. No, the numbers aren't reversed. Steps around the house accumulate slowly. Time on the feet means something, too. I was on my feet for over five hours yesterday.

These UFO's were flying over all day today on the animated street view for the virtual route. These are lens flashes, but they are fun to watch as they swoop over the road.
Campaign signs are another sign of fall. I was out early this morning, starting a 1.5 mile walk at 3:40 am. Since I'm tired today, I'm going to break my long walk into two or three shorter walks.

Thankfully, there is a day off tomorrow.

Creative Deluge

Yesterday my walking triggered a creative deluge that lasted all day. I was constantly stopping what I was doing to make notes in the notebook I carry with me. I had many ideas for this blog, my blog on blogging, and my new book.  

I like to say, "Walks impregnate creativity." 

The bars are now color coded to indicate how difficult the walk was.

  • Green: No tiredness during walk or afterwards
  • Yellow: Muscle tiredness indicating a good workout. 
  • Red: Pain during the walk or continued tiredness throughout the day. Close to limit.
Most walks will be yellow walks with some tiredness afterwards. If there are too many green or red walks, I'll adjust the cycle difficulty.

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