Saturday, October 4, 2014

10/3/14: Write around the Edges - Miles 1899.2 to 1906.6

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Virtual Hike

Beginning Segment 30: Segment 30 map.  

Today's journey ended in Lewiston, IDAHO. I get to add another state to the map. Before Lewiston, I passed through Clarkston on the west side of the Snake River. The cities are named after Lewis and Clark.

Added Idaho

Write around the Edges

This morning I was going to write a post titled, "My Coach is my Toilet." While I was strolling around the house on a micro-break, Coach Writer gave me one thought. "Write around the Edges."

The printed page has the author's thoughts. My insights are around the edges. When I write, I avoid regurgitating what I read. My goal is to give the reader new concepts, or at least new ways of looking at things.

Some might say I'm a fringe writer.

Coach Walking felt left out and asked me to define walking around the edges. I said, "Coach Walking, road walking is already on the edge because few people do it. We find pleasure in what others ignore."

Coach Writing interjected, "We often find discarded ideas on the road. We pick up those ideas and develop them in our writing."

Whether walking or writing, I go my own way and relish walking around the edges.

Once again, yesterday's walk was easy. My inner coach had me walk a little slower for the first mile, and then we got on our fast pace. 

It is starting to get colder. It was 39 degrees when I started. Good walking weather. 

Late Breaking News Flash

First day of frost on the windows

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