Sunday, October 5, 2014

Form an Internal Master Mind for Success! 10/5/14 1906.6 to 1922.2 miles

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Virtual Hike

The route leaves Clarkston, Idaho and races along route 12 to the east. Mostly, it's a four lane road with a great shoulder -- the best conditions for road walking.

The route runs next to the Clearwater River. I don't drink from natural water sources I don't know, so it looks like the walker will have to carry a 2 day water supply in this section.  
Train your Inner Mastermind
This concept builds on yesterday's post about training your inner coach.

When I created this route there were many tasks to complete. To make it easier, I assigned an inner coach to each task. 

This is only a partial listing, and there are many more.

What is a Master Mind? It is two or more people working together in perfect harmony towards a definite purpose. (Napoleon Hill.) 

Notice, the term is not a Master Mind Alliance as many say. It is a Master Mind -- many minds that effectively become one. 

Scientists know there are parts of the brain for music, math, etc. From experience, I know we can assign a part of the brain to anything we want. I call these segments "Coaches."

When I am talking to myself, I call these coaches by name. Coach Walker, Coach Blogger, Coach Photographer, etc. I give them specific tasks, and then let them work independently. Sometimes they interject ideas into my mind when I'm not expecting it. Other times, I have to call them  to the forefront by name. 

Recently, I found several coaches would join the inner conversation at the same time. They would form a small conference in my mind and I could hear them talking to each other! From the conversation, it was obvious they were talking to each other when I wasn't aware of it. And this is the secret of the Inner Master Mind. By giving different areas of the brain a name, it makes it easier for them to connect.

Oh, did I say one Inner Master Mind. My mistake. The internal coaches form their own connections. A-B-C  C-F-R, and every combination that is possible. Well, here is the shocker. The number of possible combinations is the number of coaches factorial.  

Example with 22 coaches: 22 x 21 x 20, etc. 

There are over 84 BILLION internal Master Minds with 22 coaches, and I have 36 just for the virtual hike. 

The Virtual Hike coaches interact with other groups from the past: Bicycling, Motorcycle Riding, Backpacking, School, Work, etc. And here is the good part. Once an internal coach learns something it never forgets it.

By consciously forming an Inner Master Mind a person forms an Infinite Master Mind. The coaches work in the background to give what the person needs. All the person has to do is call the coaches by name.

Once again, yesterday's walk was easy. I went for a 3.2 mile walk in the afternoon, and in the middle of it, I started to feel tired. I asked Coach Walker if I should slow down. He said, "You aren't tired, you are hungry!"

So, I stopped in the coffee shop at the University.

It was supposed to be hummus, but when I bit into it, it was tuna fish. I'm vegan, but since I bought it, I ate it -- and it was good.
I saw these black balls on a wall, and with their connections they reminded me of the structure of the internal Master Mind. Do the Coaches form a word cloud like above, or do they stretch out like a road behind us?

Who knows? It doesn't matter how it works. All that matters is how to make it work.


  1. Interesting post! I would love to see more elaboration on the inner coaches concept and how one who has never worked with it before would begin.

  2. All I can do is get you around the edges of the concept. If you read the book "Road Walking," you will see how I developed one of my inner coaches. Now that I've done it once, I have many of them.