Monday, October 13, 2014

7 Days to Memory: 4/13/14 1998.6 to 2007.4 Miles

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Virtual Hike

I reached a milestone today. I've walked a ton of miles and Fitbit gave me the 2,000 mile badge.

The route continues along Route 12 in Idaho. Today it passes the Wilderness Inn. They have a cafe with pie! Can't wait to have some!

The route travels through the Clearwater National Forest. There should be many places to stealth camp.
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7 Days to Memory
I learned this concept from Brent Hugh when I was learning how to play the piano. He said to divide music into phrases and play each phrase slowly seven times before moving to the next one. I called it the seven cents and a sip method. I'd put seven pennies and a glass of wine on my piano. I'd move a penny each time I played a phrase and took a sip of wine after moving seven pennies. By the end of a long piece, I thought I was playing well.

The concept works well for a small task like putting an image into an oval. When these small tasks are added together to a process for large task, I find it takes seven days of repeating the process seven times to move the process into my subconscious. For monstrous tasks, I make a checklist.

For example, I learned some new things about formatting a blog. Now I'll repeat them for seven days until they become routine. If I try to move forward too quickly, I'll forget what I recently learned. This round of improvements involves adding borders to images. Expect me to overuse them for awhile until I grasp the new skill.

Application to Road Walking
Road walking has its own routines and skills. People ask about shoes and I say, "Any pair of shoes with a reasonable fit will work!" People ask, "What clothes do I wear?" I say, "Wear what works for you!"

The rest of the story is, I've found it takes about seven days to evaluate a piece of gear. At the end of that seven days, a person will know if they it or not. The answer isn't in other people. It's in our own minds and we can find the answer by being self-reliant and testing ideas.

Naturally, I get ideas from others, especially in a backpacking forum I frequent. I've tested many of their recommendations and have found the ones that work well enough for me. Now I spend time on trails instead of in stores. The best way I've found to learn about backpacking is to go backpacking. The best way I've found to learn about road walking is to go road walking.

3 Seasons in a Season
Have you ever noticed every season has three seasons within the season?

The first month of Autumn is mostly like summer.

Near the second month, the leaves change colors and fall and we have the scenary we identify with Autumn.

The third month is more like winter.

It is like three parts in writing: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.

I walked a couple miles less yesterday since I walked extra miles while hiking on Saturday. This morning, I took my usual morning walk. It wasn't the plan, but my feet wanted to go.

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  1. Congratulations on your milestone. 2000 miles wow! I like that last line 'my feet wanted to go'. My feet haven't wanted to go for a walk the last couple of days but my whole body does today - it must be the sun and the second part of Autumn.