Sunday, October 12, 2014

Autumn Hike in the Mountains: 10/13/14 1975.5 to 1998.6 miles

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Virtual Hike
Animated Street View
This is three legs along route 12 in Idaho. It looks like pleasant hiking along the river.

There should be plenty of places to stealth camp.

There are a couple cafes along the way, but I wouldn't count on them being open.

Yesterday's hike was a little harder because I went 13 miles instead of 10.2. The only side effect was some slightly sore muscles in my shoulders from using the trekking poles. I may reduce my miles a bit today to make up the difference. Then a rest day tomorrow!  I'll miss my morning walk. 


  1. I love the idea of your virtual hike Gary. There's great mountain hiking around here too - although I'm not good at getting up into the mountains I was planning a drive across America a few years ago to do gigs from California to Boston, but it didn't work out so I shelved it ... maybe some day.

  2. Thanks.

    Maybe you could do a virtual tour from California to Boston. Make a YouTube video for each stop.