Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Old Books Don't Lie! 10/15/14 - 2015.3 to 2023 Miles

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The route continues along Route 12 next to the Lochsa River in the Clearwater National Forests. 

There are probably many trails known only to the locals.

I'd learn about grizzly bears before hiking there. They may be a problem.
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Scientific Management is strict attention to creating an efficient process. Christine Frederick simplified the method by showing how it can be used in the home.

I use many of her techniques my in my home and in my eBook business.

Old Books Don't Lie!

If a book has survived 100 years, there is a good chance it is an authoritative work. If the book refers to other books in the field, they are usually good sources of information. When I’m researching a topic, I always turn to old books first.

I read every book I can in the field and when I find the best books in the public domain, I type them manually and publish them on Amazon so others can have them. Sure, they can get them for free at, but the format isn’t as convenient. Besides, when I type the book, the information is mine. When I apply the information, it becomes knowledge. (Due to copyright issues, I only publish public domain books in the United States.)

When I start reading recent books on the same topic, I already know what has been tried in the past. I know most so-called diet experts are quacks. Not on the basis of the two old books below, but also dozens like them.

With non-fiction, I like books with references, and I do an archaeological dig through the references to find where an expert’s roots are. Often, I find “family trees” of experts which leads me to new experts.

When I had intestinal problems, I turned to these books. Dr. John Kellogg was the all-time expert on resolving intestinal issues. I followed his recommendations and they worked.

Doctors are now discovering his knowledge and claiming they made a new discovery.

I missed my goal by a half mile yesterday. I walked the planned miles, but fell short on the random steps during the day. This morning I was considering eliminating this requirement. Then I realized they are an important part of the training. They force me to move frequently during the day which prevents sedentary physiological problems.

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  1. I agree, most diet experts are quacks. Partly because they take the headlines and don't take time to understand the science, the detail and the nuances in any scientific paper; then they use the headlines to promote their agenda. It's just marketing manipulation, not science. I watched a BBC programme last night showing that the diet recommendation of 1960's to give up saturated fats e.g. butter and lard, go for synthetic margarine caused a health epidemic because synthetic trans-fats were introduced. Then in The Telegraph today an article about the 6 best diets, most of which contradict each other.