Thursday, October 23, 2014

Treadmill Ponderings: 10/23/14: 2078.8 to 2088.4 Miles

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Animated Street View
Animated Street View

The second part of today's walk entered Montana. There appears to be a bicycle trail that branches off from the road at the Montana border. There is a visitor's station at the border, and it would be worth asking about it there.

Today's walk also completes Segment 32. :)

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Tread mill ponderings


Sometime within the next two or three months it will be difficult for me to find the time to complete the high mileage days. At first, it will only be a few days that are difficult, but eventually, the entire 28 day cycle will be difficult.

Then there is the issue of bad weather coming. Although I walk in most bad weather, there will be times it is too cold and windy to walk the scheduled miles.

The only solution I can see is getting a treadmill. I think there will be three stages of incorporating the treadmill into training.

Stage 1: Treadmill during Breaks

Yesterday, I went to Sports Authority and walked a couple miles on a treadmill. It felt as if I was walking faster on the treadmill that the speedometer indicated. When I checked my Fitbit, I found my stride rate agreed with the speedometer on the treadmill.

Apparently, there will be a learning curve for walking on the treadmill. At first, I’ll only need to get a couple miles on the treadmill and I can do this during my seven minute break I take each 20 minutes.

Stage 2: Treadmill Work Station

Treadmill work stations are two expensive. The good news is I can make a table that will fit on the handles of a conventional treadmill. The cost should be close to zero. This means I can buy a new treadmill for about $599.

The objection is I don’t want to move the computer between the work station and my desk. The easiest alternative seems to be having a computer for the treadmill and one for my desk. I could either share files, or dedicate each computer for different tasks.

I’ve watched some good reviews of treadmill work stations on YouTube. It seems people start around one mile per hour and peak around three miles per hour. Given that there seems to be a learning curve

Stage 3: Many Treadmill Miles

Eventually, I’ll be walking about 10 to 15 miles a day on the treadmill. This shouldn’t be a problem with a treadmill work station if I’ve progressed to 3.5 mph at the work station.

Used vs. New

There are usually treadmills on Craigslist for about $75. A new one is $599. I’ll keep checking Craigslist for a month or two.


In order to complete the training, it appears I will need a treadmill. The only question now is the timing and the type of treadmill to buy.

Walking has been easy. I think it's time to get an another route. I'm not finding many new pictures.


  1. Hmmm, I might look on eBay for a treadmill as I want the treadmill desk. Kevin it looking at making me a bike with a desk area so I can cycle. I should imagine the cycling will be slow and steady in order for me to be able to work at the same time

  2. This is a great inspiration! I never considered Virtual hiking but what a great idea! Sure beats just treadmill walking!