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Why Cannibals should watch who they Eat! 10/24/14: 2088.4 to 2099.1 miles

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The route follows Route 12 in western Montana. It passes the Lolo Hot Springs Cabins. They have tent camping for $16, and I think there is an additional $15 to use the hot springs. There is also a restaurant. 

This looks like good place to spend a night. 

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Many people worry about eating healthy food, and cannibals should do the same. Seriously, if we think about providing healthy meat for cannibals, we may be motivated to improve our diet. This post is tongue in cheek and meant to get people thinking about why 87.43% of humans are unfit for human consumption. (Like all good statistics, this one was made up on the spot, but it’s probably close.)

Savage Decaying Meat-Eaters

John Kellogg revealed the foolishness of eating savage decaying meat eaters in his book, “The Itinerary of a Breakfast.”

Half of the body’s system is devoted to eliminating waste. Veins are bringing blood to be filtered and the lymphatic system is the body’s garbage dump. 

Even if the meat is fresh, it is still filled with waste products. Let’s call this the pre-shit phase, because that is what it is. None of this is taken out of the meat during processing. In fact, they no longer soak meat in salt to draw the blood out.
Meat-eaters who don’t get enough insoluble carbohydrates are often constipated. In fact, John Kellogg said about 85% of the population is constipated. So, why is that a problem?

The solids in the large intestine of meat-eaters putrefy. What is putrefaction? Think dead skunk on the road on a hot day. Now leave it there for a few weeks. That is how long crap stays in savage meat-eaters. In fact, both Elvis Presley and John Wayne died with 40 pounds of crap in them.
Then there are the diseases in the large intestines of meat eaters. Cholera and Typhoid are normal.

Sugar addicts

Aside from the problems with causing diabetes and other illnesses, sugar addicts are often infected with Candida! Candida is a yeast infection. It is normally present in a healthy intestine, but like all yeast, it feeds on sugar. Eat too much and you have yeast gone wild. It gets all through the system and does things like eat through the walls of the large intestine causing leaky gut syndrome. That’s a nice term for crap flowing from the large intestine into the gut area.

Unnatural Food Eaters

Natural food looks like food in its natural state or which is minimally processed by cooking. There are no chemicals added. To make it simple, if there is an ingredients label, it is probably not natural. If it is not organic, it is probably not natural. GMO foods were developed so they could douse them in large quantities of pesticides and weed killers.

Inactive people

Good meat has lean muscle tissue. If meat is red, it is muscle. That marbled fat in a steak makes it tasty, but it also contains toxins. That’s right. When a person is constipated, and most are, the large intestine can no longer eliminate all the toxins. The body stores them in the fat for processing later. That is if later ever happens.

This is one reason people who don’t eat meat will feel ill if they are served something with hidden meat in it. 

Starch-based Vegans

Oreos are vegan. So are many other unhealthy foods. There is a particular type of vegan that is healthy and the science proves it.

That is a starch-based vegan. This means half the plate filled with what people commonly call starches. Potatoes, rice, couscous, oats, etc. The other half filled with vegetables. Add a piece of fruit a couple times a day and you have a healthy diet. Up to an ounce of nuts is allowed.

I can’t give all the benefits in a short blog post, so I suggest reading “The Starch Solution” by John McDougall. He gives many references in the book and I suggest reading them, too. This is not a new diet or some sort of fad. It is what the healthiest populations have eaten for thousands of years.

About 95% of diseases are conditions caused by meat and dairy foods. They can be quickly reversed by a starch based vegan diet. They cannot be reversed by drugs which add more chemicals to the body and do nothing to control the source of the disease. All they can do is cover the symptoms so the damage will continue to get worse.


As I said, there is only room for an overview in this post. If a person thinks about the quality of their meat for cannibals, perhaps they will think about the quality of the meat in their body and improve their diet. The scientific research overwhelmingly shows a starch based vegan diet is the healthiest.

This time through the cycle is turning out to be easier than the last time through, I find myself wanting to walk more miles at the end of the day, but I'm sticking to the plan.

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