Thursday, November 13, 2014

Felled by Fatigue: 2296 to 2306.8 Miles: 11/13/14

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The route continues along Route 12 in central Montana. This section passes through a hilly area and the shoulder is narrow. It looks hazardous and the walker will need to pay attention. The hazardous stretch is six or seven miles long.

There is a stream alongside the road. I don't know about the water quality.

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Felled by Fatigue


Pr 25:16  Do you like honey? Eat just enough -- too much of it and you will vomit.

This warning by King Solomon applies to any activity. I didn't vomit, but I did have a forced rest day because of excessive fatigue.

I've made some training adjustments to prevent this in the future.

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What Happened?

I intentionally explored my limits to see what would happen. I knew I'd eventually be forced to take a day off due to fatigue and yesterday was the day. I walked over 10 miles a day for 11 days and in the last three days, I walked over 15 miles a day. When I woke up this morning, my body told me it had enough. I knew it was time for a break because my loosening up pacing didn't erase the usual slight morning tiredness. 

The cause was striving for an ever bigger lead in the pedometer wars. 

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Experience makes us Smarter

Wisdom is recognizing our mistakes when we make them again. In order to gain wisdom, a person needs to make mistakes, and in this case I intentionally made one so I could refine my training plan to avoid it in the future. This is something I didn't want to find out on the road on a reality hike. 

My Response

I'm going back to my 28 day training plan as I never experienced fatigue or injury with it. I'm increasing the distance during the 28 days, but the small increase shouldn't be a problem.


Intentionally walking into a forced rest day due to fatigue was a valuable experience. Now that I know the boundary, I can take a rest day farther away from the boundary. I do not recommend pushing into injuries as that can be more serious. 

The key is to create a walking plan that is just enough to improve, but not so much to result in fatigue or injury that forces a day off. I know injury can be cumulative and it can become chronic. I'm guessing fatigue is similar, but not as serious. When a person delves too deeply into fatigue, they may contract an illness and need a week or even a month off.

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