Wednesday, November 12, 2014

First Snow! 11/12/14: 2277.1 to 2296.0 Miles. (Completed Segment 35)

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The route is now in central Montana. I wouldn't want to be there this time of year as it is just below zero Fahrenheit. 

If a walker was on schedule they would be in North Carolina just north of the Georgia border. The temperatures there are in the low 50's.

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Yesterday Late Morning

I found a long dirt road paralleling an old irrigation canal. I decided to follow it for about two miles to see where it went.

The trees are following the route of the irrigation canal. The road went as far as I could see.

I'm starting to see flocks of geese which are usually here this time of year. Whenever I hear them honking I get the camera ready. For some reason that seems to attract them closer. Maybe that's wishful thinking, but it seems to work.


The First Snow!

I woke up early this morning and saw that it was snowing. It was also seven degrees F outside. "

So, I decided to bundle up and go for a nine mile walk. It didn't start out to be nine miles, but it kind of ended up that way as I kept walking.


There is only one chance to make a first impression and only one person gets to make footprints in new snow. 

Sometimes I feel my footprints in the snow are like graffiti. Maybe I shouldn't make any.

Oh well, in a few hours, the University students will be adding more footprints.

It was still dark when I approached the Loaf 'N Jug to get a cup of coffee. I sat outside and drank it while still feeling warm from the walk. I finished before I started to cool down.

I find it's important not to walk so fast that I perspire when I'm bundled up if I plan on spending time outside when I stop. 

Walking Progress

Since starting the Pedometer Wars, I've markedly increased my daily steps. Now I'm finding 30,000 steps a day (about 14.5 miles) relatively easy. As I attain the 30,000 step goal each day, I'm finding more efficient ways to reach it. The new ways seem to use less energy than when my goal was 20,000 steps a day. I'll see how it goes with rest days. I haven't taken one in 12 days.

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