Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pedometer Wars: Find a Dream War for a Personal Best: 11/11/14 - 2255.6 to 2277.1 Miles

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Virtual Hike

Another fast leg between Helena, Montana and Townsend Colorado. The shoulders are wide and the views are long.

The leg ends near Townsend and the Missoun River. The Indian Road Campground is just before Townsend and camping is free. 

Day's Walk

Yesterday morning I was convinced I'd need a day off today. I figured since I was going to take today off except for my morning walk, I'd get a few extra miles yesterday. I went a bit further than I intended and walked 15.2 miles. Throughout the day I ate almost continuously filling up on carbohydrates (starches) and vegetables.

Even though I felt tired at the beginning of yesterday, I recovered during the day and had a strong finish. This morning, I decided to load up on carbohydrates before my morning walk. I had a big plate of boiled potatoes and vegetables.

The temperature was a refreshing 19 degrees this morning. I hit the layers of clothing just right and was comfortable the entire way. It was snowing lightly and there was a dusting on the ground.

It was still before sunrise, so I lit up an area with Wilson's headlight to take a picture.

Find a Dream War for a Personal Best


My purpose for Pedestrian Wars is to get motivation from other people. Initially, I thought picking a Fitbit Activity Group to win would be the best idea. Now, I'm not so sure. I took inspiration from "The Dream Mile."

The Dream Mile

The late 60's and the 70's was the time of the mile run. There were many milers who had about equal ability and anytime they met in a race, there was always the possibility of a record pace. By then, the mile had become a sprint for the elite.

On May 14, 1971 Jim Ryan and Marti Liquori met in Philadelphia for "The Dream Mile." Marty Liquori graduated from my high school the year before I did.

The finish was about a yard apart. I won't spoil the finish.

After watching this, I decided to assemble my own dream wars. I decided to pick wars where there would be people ahead of me and behind me to motivate me.

Tactics Change

In 1971 the mile was a tactical race. The slower runners with a strong kick would attempt to slow the pace. The faster runners tried to extend their lead and hold off the runners with a strong kick. Meanwhile, there was a pack where runners jostled each other and team members might block the runner with the strong kick.

Things have changed.

Now many races are strung out in single file. The positions don't change as often as they used to, The leader is often far ahead of everyone at the end of the race. Why would they do this?

I'm guessing, but I think this gives each runner the opportunity for a personal best. Instead of being slowed by a tactical race and other runners in the pack, they can run their own race with even splits. This results in the fastest time. Each runner will have someone ahead of them drawing them forward and someone ahead of them pushing them forward. In other words, every runner has a personalized rabbit.

My Response

Maybe I'm not correct in my assessment of tactics as no hypothesis is perfect. However, I can use this in my Pedometer Wars. Rather than playing any mind games, I'll walk as far as I can each day and strive to beat my personal best. I'll add another Activity Group if I need to find a pusher behind me and a puller ahead of me.


If you've been following my posts, you will see I'm changing some of my strategies as I learn more. I suspect there will be more of this. For now, I'm going to walk as many miles as I can each day until I'm forced to take a day off.

This only works because I have many miles of experience avoiding injury and excessive fatigue. Right now, it seems the fatigue comes before any injuries, so injuries are a secondary consideration.

Current Standings

Colorado Springs Fitbit - First place. I moved far enough ahead to add another Activity Group.

Colorado! - Fifth place. I don't have a chance to take first, but there is a cluster of walkers around me. I can realistically strive for third.

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