Monday, November 10, 2014

Pedometer War: Need a Day Off: 2246.6 to 2255.6 Miles: 11/10/14

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The route continues along Route 12 through Helena, Montana. It will stay on Route 12 all the way through Montana.

Don't make the mistake of getting off route 12 through Helena if you have a push cart. The side streets are narrow and would be unsafe.

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There are grocery stores every 40 miles or so all the way through Montana. That means restocking on food will be easy. It also means spending money at cafe's will be easy and it will be easy to run out of money.

Pedometer War: Need a Day Off

I got a solar powered headlight for the push cart (Wilson.)


I was hoping to walk 25,000 steps a day (about 12 miles) every day through November. After ten days, I know I won't be able to do it. It's time to plan a day off. If I don't take a day off, I'll either have an injury or get sick.

We took a hike yesterday

What is a Day Off?

I call it a day off when there are about 24 hours between walks. This means I get some miles in the morning and no more the rest of the day except for random steps. I spend as much time napping as possible.

When I was following the 28 day training cycle I learned a day off includes some walking in addition to the random daily steps. I discovered eight miles was like a day off to me, so I'll use it to my advantage. 

The Battlefield

I'm ahead of Bill by almost 40,000 steps (18 miles.)  He appears to be taking a rest day today and he is capable of walking a 40,000 step day. He may be waiting until I appear to be taking a day off to catch me. He lives up the road in Colorado Springs and we both start walking about 4:45 AM.  I want to appear to be walking a normal day tomorrow and turn it into a day off. 

The Weather

It is supposed to be 11 degrees  tomorrow morning. It's a perfect day to rest, right? I'm hoping that's what Bill thinks. It is going to be 7 degrees in Colorado Springs tomorrow morning. If he sleeps in and sees my miles in the morning, he may walk, but I'm betting he won't want to. 


Tactics are fun. Somes they are forced by the conditions and fatigue is forcing a day off for me. I think I can do it without losing to many steps to Bill.

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  1. Have that rest day. Its important to take mini breaks and come back to the Pedometer War refreshed! ��