Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Saving for a Reality Hike: 11/5/14 - 2183.9 to 2194.9 Miles

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Don't forget to turn right on MT-141. You will come to it right after coming close to the river.

MT-141 will be somewhat hazardous as there is not much of a shoulder. However, there doesn't appear to be much traffic, and I don't see any places where you can't push the cart into the grass.
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Keep your ears open for cars passing and possibly hitting you from behind. 

This stretch on MT-141 is only 24 miles long. 

 Saving for a Reality Hike


There are many ways to save and I'm not trying to tell you what works best. It is important for most people to start early. This post is mostly goal setting for myself.

Saving for the walk may be more difficult than making the walk. In the last post, I estimated it will take about $2.73 a mile, $66.75 a day, or $24,000 to take the hike. It's expensive.

Consider this post goal-setting for myself.

Saving a Mile at a Time

When faced with a seemingly impossible task, it helps to forget it is impossible and get to work. This means tracking smallest unit of progress and forgetting about the destination for awhile. I'm choosing to save one mile at a time, or in increments of $2.73. Each day, I can log how many miles I've saved for. I can even mark the progress on the map. 

Eliminate Unnecessary Expenses

I'll need to take a hard look at how many miles it's possible to save each day by eliminating unnecessary expenses. Ruthlessly search for any expense that is unnecessary and which you are willing to eliminate. For instance, one person may decide they can do without cable TV and another person may decide they cannot.

Make a list of the items and how much you are spending each month on these items.

Save as you Go

Each morning, I buy a cup of coffee for $1.39. Although I enjoy the coffee, I could easily eliminate this expense. The cost per day is $1.39. The cost week is $9.73. The cost per 30 day month is $41.70. The cost per year is $507.35. The cost for four years is $2,029.75 including an extra day for one leap year. For the cost of a cup of coffee a day, I can save for 743 miles in 4 years. 

Today, I cashed a check for $60. Each morning I don't buy the coffee, I'll put $1.39 in my savings jar. I also have other expenses I can eliminate, and it won't take long to save what I need.

What if it looks Impossible?

Start saving anyway. Once a person starts progressing steadily towards a goal, things seem to happen to make the goal achievable. 


Once a person starts to enjoy walking or hiking, I feel they should start saving for "The Big Trek." It could be this 48 State Hike or a hike like the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, or some other long trail. It would be a shame to suddenly have the time and not the money.

Yesterday, I had an example of how things work out when a message is put out to the universe. I've been considering getting a treadmill. I decided a new one was too expensive, so I made up my mind to get one on Craigslist for $75 or less.

Yesterday, my son asked if we could go to Goodwill. It has been months since the last time we went there. Guess what was right by the door! You got it! A treadmill. It cost $54.99. I'm paying a friend $20 to help me bring it home. I came in a penny under budget. Maybe I should have said $50 or less!

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