Thursday, November 6, 2014

Treadmill Initial Impressions: 11/6/14 - 2194.9 to 2205.6 Miles

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MT-141 still has a narrow shoulder and the walker will need to be careful. 

A stream runs alongside the road, but unfortunately access to the stream is blocked by fences. However, Nevada Lake is next to the route about halfway through the day. There appears to be access to the lake. There does not appear to be any places to camp near the lake. 

Treadmill Initial Impressions


Yesterday I bought a used treadmill at Goodwill for $54.99.  It's not fancy as all I want is a belt that goes round and round. It's also small enough to roll around the house by myself. The treadmill is a tool for me and not an entertainment center. By this I mean I want to focus on other things while on the treadmill.

The treadmill is a convenient way to add miles when I have some free time. At the same time, I want to reduce fatigue. Eliminating the boredom is a consideration and I plan to do that by working at the treadmill.

Increase Miles, Reduce Fatigue

Increasing miles while reducing fatigue seems paradoxical. However, it is not when one considers the efficient walking speed. 

The most efficient walking speed is around 3.5 mph. Any walking done at a speed other than 3.5 mph will take more energy and create more fatigue. Many people try to add miles by taking extra steps during the course of their day. If these are slow steps then they will create more fatigue then fast steps. 

Therefore, instead of taking slow steps for the purpose of increasing mileage, I can hop on the treadmill for five or ten minutes to get efficient fast steps. The end result is I should be able to walk more miles with less fatigue.

Working on the Treadmill

Learning to work while on the treadmill will be a learning experience. Right from the start, I don't want it to be a time waster. For now, I'm using the time to plan each paragraph as I write. As I master one activity, I'll add another.


A reality hiker has to be able to average 24 miles a day to complete this journey in a year. Ideally, they would be able to do this from the start. It is impossible for me to take the time to walk this many miles outside each day. It is possible for me to combine treadmill and outside walking to get to 24 miles a day.

Day's Walk

I woke up this morning feeling some fatigue in my legs. After my first cup of coffee, I realized it was the type of fatigue that goes away in the first 10 minutes, so I went on my 5.1 mile walk.

Already, there is another full moon. Now it's getting colder each month. It was 32 this morning. I added another layer and enjoyed it.

Pedometer games

Someone in the Colorado Springs group seems to be actively competing with me. She gets ahead of me by about 1,000 steps at the end of each day. This will be fun and help us both walk more.

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