Thursday, May 7, 2015

2916 to 2923 Miles: 5/6/15: Metronome

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This part of the route goes through the Black Hills National Forest. Much of the land adjacent to the road appears privately owned, but there should be enough places to camp.

It's about 55 miles from Deadwood to the next water source near Rapid City. .
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I've been using a metronome off and on for some time how. 115 steps per minute is a good balance between speed and distance.

Lately, I've been starting to do pushups and the metronome is also working well for them. I still use 115 bpm and do one pushup every fourth beat. Shortly, I'll be adding situps and possibly other exercises.

I have no goal for numbers of each exercise except to see how many I can do without stopping.

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